The fastest-growing segment of new golfers is women. Whether your dear Mother is developing a new interest in the game, or was bitten long ago by the golf-bug, here are some ideas for Mother’s Day golf gifts that will brighten her day and make this golf season her best yet.

Southern Tide Sports and Leisure Wear

Ever since my last visit to the slice of heaven called Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms, SC, I’ve been enamored of Southern Tide golf and sports wear. Southern Tide has been popping up in high-end pro shops all over the Southeast, and their popularity is well-deserved: premium quality, comfortable contemporary styling, and a color palette that evokes laidback afternoons ambulating along the Low Country beach or playing 18 holes.

Dune Jewelry

We all have that one place where we have our best memories: on a vacation or playing golf on a bucket-list course. We always wish we could take a little piece of it home with us. But what would you do with a handful of sand from, say, the Hawaiian beach where you went on your honeymoon, or the lake where your family cabin is, or from the bunker of a legendary Scottish links course?

Dune Jewelry has taken the simple idea of taking a pinch of sand and turned it into an elegant line of jewelry and accessories, including ball markers and divot repair tools for golfers. Dune has a “sand bank” of sand from over 3,500 sites around the world – along with hundreds of golf courses – from which you can choose to fill everything from earrings to pendants to ball markers. You can even send in your own sand to be made into a unique memento of a time, place, or event.

My wife and I were married on a beach on the Big Island, so I found sand from Waikoloa Beach – the beach on which we were married – in Dune’s “Beach Bank.” I ordered that sand in a Hamptons Rope Stationary Necklace ($150) for her. Ann Liguori, radio & television Sport’s Talk personality, author, and golf correspondent, has collaborated with Holly Daniels Christensen, Founder and CEO of Dune Jewelry on the Hamptons Rope collection. This collection evokes the sea, the shore, and quiet moments Mom might only remember from before she was a mom. I mean, hey, quiet is one of the things Mom gave up when she became a mom, after all. You owe her this!

RoadRunner Wheeled Cart Bag by CaddyDaddy

If Mom likes to ride in a golf cart, there’s a new bag designed to help make it easier to transfer her golf bag from the car or locker room to the cart – or really anywhere. The RoadRunner Wheeled Cart Bag by CaddyDaddy ($170) features built-in wheels in the bottom of the bag. The smooth-rolling wheels allow you to just tilt the bag and roll it behind you, sort of like a mini-travel bag. After testing mine out, I actually think it could work, in a pinch, to substitute as a travel bag (with the rain hood attached) or, on short, smooth par-3 or executive courses, as its own pull cart. It has 10 spacious pockets, individual club silos, the aforementioned wheels, and yet weighs in at just over 7 lbs. Really clever, this one!

TecTecTec! ULT-X Laser Rangefinder

There are a lot of rangefinders out there, but one of the best combinations of value and features is the new TecTecTec! ULT-X Laser Rangefinder ($249). Paraphrasing Stefon from Saturday Night Live, this rangefinder has everything: a maximum range of 1,093 yards, Flag Seeker vibration alert on flags up to 450 yards away, 6x magnification, slope calculation, and a high-visibility faceplate that slides in and out and changes color when toggling between slope and standard modes so you can be sure you’re tournament-legal. Mom will love the precision and styling of this growingly invaluable accessory. TecTecTec!? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

PUMA Women’s IGNITE Solelace Golf Shoes

There’s an old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And there’s a corollary that goes, “If Mama’s feet ain’t happy, Mama ain’t happy.” So give Mama happy feet this year, and she and everyone else will be happy. Puma’s new line of spikeless golf shoes is a great choice for keeping Mama’s feet happy. The IGNITE NXT Solelace Golf Shoe ($100) is light, flexible, and spikeless, while still providing stability during her swing and traction in all but the slipperiest conditions.

Saintnine Misty Golf Balls

You’ve probably never heard of Saintnine golf balls, but this new boutique golf ball manufacturer offers a range of premium 3- and 4-piece golf balls all with their own unique markings (so you always know which is yours) and in a rainbow of glossy and matte finishes. The Saintnine Misty ($30/doz) is a great option for Mom, as the low compression, low spin, and soft feel combination will provide control and confidence along with outstanding distance off the tee.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day, and may your next round of golf be your best ever!